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Ring today – advertise tomorrow

huge exposure to over 25,000+ commuters passing every day!

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Hi there, I’m Angela from Attention Seekers Ltd, we’re totally 100% locally owned (and managed) billboard company located right here in the beautiful sunny (sometimes windy) Bay of Plenty…. (love this place).

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Traffic, traffic and more bloody traffic….you’ve heard all about it in Tauranga, traffic Jams, new roading, slow moving, stopped, Peak Hour! EEK!!! YUCK… RIGHT? – Well this is what billboard advertising is all about – That traffic flow, commuters noticing your ad upon their travels.

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Our billboard sites are located right in the thick of this commuting place of congestion which makes Billboard advertising a unique & powerful way to expose your business. Billboards are enormous and it's growing and the reason it's growing is because it works. Your business will get instant recognition to our local market. – Oh yea BOOM!

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Attention Seekers Advertising Options

Outdoor Advertising Sites

We own a total of x12 (6 x 3 metre) billboard sites plus have a mobile advertising trailer.


· X3 spots located at the Chapel & Marsh Street Intersection, Tauranga – these spots are located at the busy intersection near Tauranga’s entry spot into the CBD as commuters come off the Harbour Bridge travelling from the Mount as well as commuters travelling into town from Matua / Bureta park area’s.

Mount Maunganui

· X4 Hewletts Road Flyover (x4 double sided site options) along Maunganui road.

· X2 bottom of Hewletts Road Flyover.

· X3 sites located between baypark roundabout and Bayfair shopping centre – heavily congested area most of the time.

Mount Maunganui Billboards AS1 AS2AS1 - AS3 Mount Maunganui
Mount Maunganui Billboards AS3 AS4AS2 - AS4 Mount Maunganui
Tauranga Billboard AS5AS5 - Tauranga
Tauranga Billboard AS6AS6 Tauranga
Tauranga Billboard AS7AS7 Tauranga
Bayfair Billboard AS10AS8 Bayfair
Bayfair Billboard AS11AS9 Bayfair
Bayfair Billboard AS10AS10 Bayfair
Bayfair Billboard AS11AS11 Bayfair
Bayfair Billboard AS12AS12 Bayfair
Digital SitesDigital Sites
Backs of BusesBacks of Buses
Attention Seekers Billboard Advertising Tauranga AS1 AS3
Attention Seekers Billboard Advertising Tauranga AS2 AS4
Attention Seekers Billboard Advertising Tauranga AS5
Attention Seekers Billboard Advertising Tauranga AS6
Attention Seekers Billboard Advertising Tauranga AS7
Attention Seekers Billboard Advertising Tauranga AS8
Attention Seekers Billboard Advertising Tauranga AS9
Attention Seekers Billboard Advertising Tauranga AS10
Attention Seekers Billboard Advertising Tauranga AS11
Attention Seekers Billboard Advertising Tauranga AS12


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Attention Seekers

Other Static Billboard sites

We can get you on any of the over x40 + static billboard sites within the bop area. We have behind the scene knowledge within the industry and great rapport with the suppliers of these other sites, These sites are located throughout our area’s in Tauranga, the Mount including TePuke, (See the Map location icon to view locations of all these sites).

Backs of buses

There is plenty of bus-backs available (specific bus routes are not able to be chosen as the depot can send buses to different area’s on a daily basis) a great way to compliment your existing advertising.

Digital sites

There are currently 7 illuminated digital billboard sites around town with more to come – these generally rotate your ad every 8 seconds with 6 slots – this is an excellent option if you are wanting to advertise an event or product short term (daily and weekly rates are offered).


BIGGER is of course BETTER!

Billboard sites (rental) starts from Just $250 per week (prices are + GST)
That’s full time exposure for your business 24 hours a days 7 days a week for 30/31 days of the month to over 35,0000 commuters Every Day!
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We are the only billboard company locally that prints skins “in-house”

Banner skins are re-usable on other sites

We can print and install a skin same day if needed / absolutely no delay to you

Behind the scene knowledge within the industry to get you the best possible cost-effective advertising price possible

We have access to every billboard site through-out the bop (your one stop shop)

Over 40+ sites to choose from for your exposure

Short term or event management exposure on digital sites offered

Digital sites – between Tauranga and the Mount

Tauranga Airport Advertising packages

Bus Backs (great way to compliment exiting advertising)

Distress rates exclusively offered

We do the Installations and removals (in-house)

We also offer all forms of signage

In-house Artwork / creative design concept for your advertising from concept to reality – (flat rate of $150) or supply your own file

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We love what we do and are good at it!
We know the power that outdoor exposure offers businesses just like your’s PLUS We are big on being local.